Keep it Sparkling

Every De Beers diamond has been meticulously selected by eye and cut and polished to maximise its beauty, while every piece of De Beers’ jewellery has been designed to honour the brilliance of each individual. So naturally, you want to keep it looking as sparkling as the day you wore it for the very first time.

However, daily life can affect a diamond’s perceived brilliance – if you wear your jewellery frequently (and we hope you do) it will be exposed to the atmosphere, pollution, dirt, soap and oils from your skin. These external factors can cause diamonds to appear a little dull because optimum sparkle depends on light freely entering the diamond and reflecting and refracting back to your eye. Understanding how to keep your diamond jewellery clean ensures its beauty won’t be diminished and will remain looking at its best .

Cleaning Jewellery

Shining Service

It’s certainly not the end of our journey together once you have purchased a piece of De Beers’ jewellery. We’re always here with our advice and after-care services. We are happy to give your jewellery pieces a professional clean when advisable, which we recommend doing once a year. We offer both ultrasonic and steam systems, an in-store service that is complimentary for De Beers clients.

Cleaning Jewellery

We have also created De Beers Instant Diamond Brilliance polishing wipes. As only diamonds can polish diamonds, each single-use wipe contains more than a million micron-sized diamonds to quickly and skilfully clean and polish the surface of your diamond. Just remove and wipe while wearing your jewellery – no need to rinse. Each box contains 50 sachets.


At-Home Radiance

Everyday wear and contact with fragrance, hand sanitiser, cosmetics, chlorine and household cleaners or detergents, can all dull the surface of your diamonds, so knowing how to clean your jewellery at home is important to keep it looking fresh.

We recommend gently washing your jewellery piece in warm to hot water with some washing-up liquid added – you may want to use a very soft toothbrush for tricky-to-access areas. It is far better to play safe and use a separate bowl to do this rather than a sink, which has the obvious escape holes – why take the risk? Dry the diamonds and the gold with a cotton or linen towel before using your De Beers Polishing Cloth.

Cleaning Jewellery

Finishing School

It also helps to store your jewellery well – each piece in the original packaging or soft pouch provided. When a number of pieces of jewellery rub against each other in storage, it can cause unnecessary tangling and also scratch the metals. Try not to wear your jewellery during activities when there is a danger it may be hit or encounter shocks. Also, avoid metal to metal contact when possible.

On request, our in-store team will be happy to advise when a piece would benefit from a professional polish. This service helps smooth out superficial scratches. While your jewellery will not necessarily appear brand new, it will look noticeably refreshed.

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