We honour the beauty of our diamonds in exquisite jewellery designs, realised through exceptional craftsmanship.

We are a young Jewellery House powered by over 135 years of diamond expertise, a passion for creative innovation and the best artisanship from around the world. In our design studio we lay the foundations for the dialogue between a diamond and its wearer: one that is brought to life by our master craftspeople, whose rare skills ensure that every piece of our jewellery is the pinnacle of perfection. Our elegant creations are destined to become heirlooms , beloved by this generation and the next.

Inspired by nature

Nature is our eternal muse, the inspiration behind our distinctive jewellery designs. From our signature Enchanted Lotus motif to our Portraits of Nature butterfly designs and avant-garde High Jewellery collections, our creations reflect the rich tapestry of the natural world, especially the countries in which our diamonds are discovered.

The De Beers DNA

Our jewellery is a fascinating fusion of history and modernity, creativity and innovation. With clean lines and sweeping silhouettes, our iconic designs exude a contemporary spirit. Every detail is meticulously designed to showcase the rare beauty of our diamonds, our signature settings encourage light to flow in for pure, uninterrupted brilliance.

White Diamond Design

Impeccable craftsmanship

Nature’s ultimate treasures deserve nothing less than the best. Our craftsmanship is every bit as exacting as our standards for the quality and cut of our diamonds. Our best-in-class artisans combine traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology to create wearable works of art which embolden the wearer to express their most magnetic, radiant self.

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Goldsmithing excellence

Our craftspeople skilfully create designs to allow our diamonds to take centre stage in jewellery that perfectly moulds to the body. We champion movement, articulation and fluidity, and our pieces are as exquisitely crafted in the back as they are in the front. Every piece is hand-finished: a subtle signature that makes every creation extraordinary.

Diamond Craftsmanship
White Diamond Craftsmanship


Rough Diamonda
Building Forever Tree