1888 Master Diamonds


Each distinctive piece of this remarkable collection showcases a coloured diamond of exceptional character. Intensely individual and expressive, these ravishing rarities are prized as works of art. Collated by De Beers, the 1888 Master Diamonds offer an outstanding opportunity to the discerning diamond admirer: such a spectacular spectrum of colours is rarely presented as the natural occurrences that result in these intensities of hue are highly infrequent.

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"In an unrivalled display of diamond expertise, De Beers unveils the 1888 Master Diamonds. "

Hand selection by the De Beers Institute of Diamonds, superlative skill and unparalleled diamond knowledge is required to engage the senses and go beyond the quantifiable. Ranging in carat weight from 0.68ct to 10.10ct, all of these distinguished diamonds have been astutely cut for beauty. Sensitivity has been shown to shape to ensure an even balance of weight in a pear-cut diamond, a shield-cut diamond with vibrant light performance and a rich depth of colour in an Asscher-cut diamond. Vivid hues of blues and yellows and remarkable tones of grey and cognac engage the light and insight boundless admiration. The 1888 Master Diamonds showcase astonishing combinations of intensity and clarity and reflect a dramatic display of coloured brilliance. Each design is conceived to compliment the character of the diamond and not to detract from the unique beauty. They have been given the title of ‘1888 Master Diamonds' in recognition of the founding year of De Beers and the 125 year heritage of the brand as well as their truly wondrous nature.

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