About Us at De Beers

About Us

With a flagship store on Old Bond Street in London and a presence in the most exclusive locations around the world, De Beers Jewellers is the pinnacle of diamond luxury and excellence. Of all of the diamonds De Beers see, only the best are chosen for our Jewellery Houses. Less than 1% of the world’s natural diamonds are eligible to be chosen for our Jewellery houses. For De Beers Jewellers we go even further, scrutinising and selecting by eye for fire, life and brilliance those truly exquisite diamonds with the utmost beauty and character. We then send them to the De Beers Institute of Diamonds to be graded and to be inscribed with the DB Marque, evidence of its extraordinary beauty.

De Beers Jewellers’ diamonds are glorified through vision and creativity in bold, distinctive designs. They are cut and polished by the world’s finest diamantaires, artisans chosen for their extremely rare skill and craft which is often passed down through generations. Signature collections include Talisman, Enchanted Lotus and Bridal.

Our diverse designs honour the unique beauty and brilliance of each individual, emboldening the wearer to express their true self.

At the heart of De Beers is ‘Building Forever', the company’s commitment to ensure that every diamond we discover creates a lasting positive impact for the people and places where it is found.