Frequently Asked Questions

What are your store opening hours?

Please visit our Stores page for details about your local De Beers store.

Do I need an appointment to visit a De Beers store?

Not at all, please feel free to come and browse at any of our stores.  However we do recommend requesting a time with our Brand Ambassador to ensure we are able to provide you with the best possible service where you will not be interrupted and your needs can be perfectly met. Our online tool lets you request your preferred time and date with your most convenient store here.

Will my De Beers jewellery come with a guarantee?

A De Beers Certificate of Authenticity accompanies all jewellery purchases.   This certificate guarantees the authenticity of your De Beers diamond jewellery; the finest quality materials and utmost care were used to craft this item to ensure its brilliance.

How can I contact De Beers?

Our stores can be contacted directly by phone or email. Please visit the Contact Us page for details of your local store. Alternatively, please email

How do De Beers Jewellers source their diamonds?

De Beers Jewellers hand selects each and every polished diamond at the De Beers Institute of Diamonds in London.  This enables us to always select those that exhibited the most wondrous beauty and exceptional Fire, Life & Brilliance.   We only select diamonds that are strictly Kimberley Process compliant.

How do I know that my diamond is ethically sourced?

De Beers Jewellers is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, an international not-for-profit organisation whose members are committed to promoting ethical, social and environmental practices.  De Beers also requires each and every supplier to operate within the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and necessitates written guarantees to certify that diamonds are not sourced from illegitimate or conflict areas.


Our stringent approach and supporting certification is our confident declaration that every single piece of De Beers Jewellery is ethically produced and 100% conflict free.

How are diamonds formed?

All natural diamonds are between 1 – 3 billion years old.  They are formed at high temperatures and at high pressures at depths of between 80 – 120 miles, in the mantle of the earth.  Diamonds grow from existing carbon possessing materials where this mineral acts as a nucleus.


Why are coloured diamonds more expensive?

It is said that there is only one coloured diamond for every ten-thousand colourless.  Described in the spectrum of light to vivid, coloured diamond are created by the chemistry and forces of nature that are highly infrequent. The ultimate celebration of uniqueness, each characterful colour is intensely individual, expressive and engaging.

Can I buy loose diamonds?

At De Beers Jewellers we take enormous pride in the design of our jewellery, crafted by the finest artisans and conceived to honour the diamond.  We offer two in store services, For You Forever and our Premium Bespoke service, that enables our clients to choose their De Beers diamond and have it mounted for them. Please speak to one of our brand ambassadors would will be delighted to help you if you have a specific diamond request.

What are the 4Cs?

De Beers was the first to introduce the concept of the 4Cs to consumers in 1939 as a means of qualifying the rarity of a diamond through the carat, cut, clarity and colour.

Carat: is equivalent to 0.2 grams. It is the standardised unit of weight for diamonds and is not necessarily a reflection of size.

Cut: refers to both the diamond’s shape and to the number of facets, their size and their relative proportions on the surface of a diamond.

Clarity: is a measure of the natural inclusions, often so small that they are completely invisible to the naked eye.

Colour: is the most personal of choices. It is measured from D – Z.  At De Beers we believe that colour is not a quality; it is a degree of rarity and a personal choice as to which colour you prefer.


Which of the ‘Cs’ is the most important?

Of the 4Cs, the diamond’s cut is the most crucial factor in optimising the diamonds light performance.  At De Beers we specifically prescribe the precise proportions of every diamond.  We focus on the defined relationship between the table, crown, pavilion and girdle of each diamond and also ensure that each facet angle is fully aligned for maximum reflection of light.

Does every diamond come with a GIA certificate?

All diamonds above 1carat and some coloured diamonds below this weight are accompanied by a GIA certificate.  From 2012 onwards all De Beers diamonds, above 0.20carat, are provided with a DB Grading Report.  All De Beers Jewellers purchases are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.

What is the De Beers IRIS?

The De Beers Iris, present in every one of our stores, is a technology that enables our clients to view their diamond through the eyes of an expert.


The De Beers Iris works by replicating natural light in intensity and varying angles to assess the alignment of the diamond’s faceting.  Light travels into the diamond through the crown and this external point of entry must be complimented by an internal angle. If these two angles do not balance each other, internal light penetration will not be redirected externally and the diamond will leak light.  The circular rays of replicated natural light move vertically around the diamond to check that each facet pairs align.  This partnership of reflection can be seen by the De Beers Iris so enabling our clients to assess the light performance and subsequent brilliance of their diamond.

What makes a diamond a De Beers diamond?

A diamond becomes a De Beers diamond when it is meticulously hand-selected by the De Beers Institute of Diamonds in London.


Every De Beers diamond is microscopically branded with a ‘De Beers Marque’ – a De Beers logo and unique diamond number. Completely invisible to the naked eye, this etching ensures that each diamond will retain its identity as an official De Beers diamond and does not in any way affect the carat weight, colour or clarity grading.


The diamond’s unique number is also logged in the De Beers Register of Diamonds. When you purchase your diamond jewellery from De Beers, your details we be held within the De Beers Register to ensure that if ever your jewellery is lost and found, we are able to trace it back to yourself. We are delighted that this process has previously successfully reunited several of our clients with their valuable and sentimental piece of jewellery.

Where is your jewellery made?

We select only the most skilled artisans to craft our jewellery and have undertaken extensive global searches of ateliers to ensure that only the finest workshops are selected.  Our jewellery is crafted in a number of different countries around the world as a result of the superior skill sought by De Beers Jewellers for the craftsmanship of their designs.


What is the difference between white gold and platinum?

Our white gold pieces are created using a rhodium plating over 18cts yellow gold. This process strengthens the underlying gold and gives the jewellery a white hue. Platinum by comparison is a pure metal that is sometimes denser and stronger than gold. We use only platinum to create our diamond engagement rings.

Will De Beers reset a diamond I have into a De Beers setting?

We are very proud of our hand selection process when choosing each De Beers diamond and ensure that with every combination of our diamonds and designs, we capture the best light display possible to offer you a piece of jewellery that sparkles with the utmost Fire, Life and Brilliance. As a result, we refrain from using diamonds that have not been selected by De Beers in our settings as we are unable to guarantee the same level of brilliance in your finished piece, or the provenance of the diamond.

Can my ring be resized?

We will happily resize a plain band ring between one ring size either higher or lower than the ring’s current size. If the ring is pavé or requires a resizing larger or smaller than one size in either direction, then we would advise that you exchange your ring (if still in perfect condition and within 30 days of purchase) for another band size.

Can my jewellery be engraved?

Yes, we are happy to engrave any of our diamond jewellery designs with a message of your choice (within reason) where the jewellery allows for a engraving to be made.

How should I protect my De Beers jewellery?

At De Beers we appreciate the significance of your diamond purchase.  We advise that you always store your jewellery in the original packaging or soft pouch provided.  Please keep pieces separately to avoid damage.  When dressing, jewellery should always be put on last and taken off first.

How should I clean my De Beers jewellery?

For ultimate radiance a diamond must be clean.  To remove grease from your diamonds, we recommend gently washing them with hot water and washing-up liquid.  When doing this, please be sure to first secure the sink or use a bowl.  Dry your jewellery with a cotton or linen towel before using you De Beers Polishing Cloth for a sparkling finish.

What is the De Beers after sale service?

De Beers offers you the opportunity to have your diamond jewellery professionally cleaned twice a year.  This is a complimentary process that we are delighted to offer as part of our After Sales Service, which also includes a professional polish on request and an advised annual check of the diamond.

What is De Beers Jewellers’ brand origin?

De Beers Jewellers was formed in 2001 as a result of a joint venture between De Beers Group and luxury conglomerate Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH). The first De Beers Jewellers store opened the following year at 50 Old Bond Street where the UK flagship still remains today.

What is the difference between De Beers Group and De Beers Jewellers?

De Beers Group is the world’s premier diamond mining company. De Beers Jewellers is the retail diamond jewellerybrand crated in 2001 as a joint venture between De Beers Group and LVMH.

What sets De Beers apart from other jewellery brands?

De Beers has an unrivalled heritage; 125 years of diamond expertise has resulted in superlative knowledge and a unique understanding of these wondrous marvels of nature. De Beers Jewellers is the only premium luxury brand to sell diamond jewellery alone – we do not sell any other jewel – even an externally plain De Beers wedding band has a diamond discretely placed inside ensuring that every purchase from De Beers Jewellers enjoys a diamond forever.

I’m interested in working for De Beers – how should I apply?

As a global brand we are able to offer exciting career opportunities across a number of countries and in a variety of specialities. To register your interest in working for De Beers, please email your CV to

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